A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.
― Salvador Dali

Tricia Poulos-Leonard


Tricia Poulos-Leonard


Web site: http://www.triciastudio.com

E-Mail: tricialeonardstudio@gmail.com

 Phone: 925-640-1156

My Watermedia Painting classes are the perfect way to learn how to self-express and find satisfaction through your own art. Especially with COVID-19 keeping us indoors, choose to spend quality time fulfilling your passion for art.
I have taught painting classes at Truckee Meadow Community College (TMCC) for 5-years now and I am a volunteer docent with the Nevada Museum of Art. I also authored The Artist Map to Success in 2019 showing artists how to make money doing what they love. My art is displayed and sells through several galleries for over 10-years.
I teach all 3 levels of painting: beginner, intermediate, and advanced. I often recommend starting at the beginner level to gain that solid foundation so to develop each new level of expertise.
Personally, I enjoyed painting the landscapes around me in a neoimpressionist style. Recently, I have changed my direction to an abstract style. I find this new direction exhilarating where I can express my innermost emotions. I hope to reach each viewer through a deep understanding of the subconscious directions our minds take us.
~ I believe the artist who does the work and puts in the time will gain a great sense of fulfilment and an opportunity to earn income as an artist.