A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.
― Salvador Dali

Susan Christopher


Email: schrispaints@gmail.com

 Phone: 630-880-4556

I like challenging myself by using different materials, methods and/or techniques along with a variety of subject matter. It keeps me on my toes and captivates my attention. The result is work from portraiture to explosive abstract realism.

Once started on an acrylic painting, the subject emerges from a cascade of color and shapes which present an idea based on my intuition and spiritual nature. Over a week of in-tense work followed by several months of continued alterations a story develops into a complete painting. It’s then, and not uncommon, for a piece to remain in my studio hidden in a corner for a good length of time as distancing myself from it helps me to analyze the work with fresh eyes. If you were to step into my space, there would be 4-6 paintings in their respective stages. They might influence each other or be very different from each other.

Subjects tend to have a spiritual overtone. Symbolism can be found in color choices to subliminal content. Many times, I try to have a tittle, a line from a poem or a brief statement involved. This generally leads the viewer on his own journey with the painting being the starting point.

I have been painting since a child, attended and received degrees from colleges, and have shown and sold many pieces that are hanging across the United States. It is a special joy for me to see a painting that finds a home where it has spoken to the heart of its owner.