A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.
― Salvador Dali

Kay Tietz



E-Mail: lazyckt@hotmail.com

 Phone: 775-626-2965

Watercolor’s luminosity and spontaneity inspire me! I strive to be fresh and expressive rather than painting precisely. I invite the viewer to enter my paintings, wander around and use their own imagination. My watercolors are impressionistic, loose and colorful, with a focus on the joy of the moment. I am inspired by the grandeur of the High Sierras, by my travels and even by everyday life. God has given us a beautiful world.
What began as a hobby ten years ago has been quite a journey. I joined Sierra Watercolor Society in 2012, later serving as the society’s President and Board Advisor. I enjoy exhibiting and selling my work through Sierra Watercolor Society, Latimer Art Club and the Artist’s Co-operative of Reno, where I have garnered recognition and awards. Watercolor is my passion. (Sometimes I paint in my dreams!) My work is always evolving. Challenging at times, but most of all creative, fun and exciting!