A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.
― Salvador Dali

Gini Campbell Annis


Email: gini1548@aol.com

Phone: 775-329-3432

Web site: http://campbellart.studio

To me, realism is magic. It is all an illusion, where the more skilled the performer, the more effective the illusion. Not only is the artist working with abstraction of design and color, but also with dimensionality. To create depth and form on a flat plane is to observe, understand and recreate the physical aspects of light. But merely recreating an image is not art, it is technique. The artist must also include interpretation and passion into the work. The artist’s creativity must bring together the needed balance of technique and passion. Technique alone can be boring, passion alone can be chaos. The two together is magical. And with this magic, I hope to connect with the viewer, to tell them a story, ask them to delight in the wonder around them, to reveal who I am
With each piece of art, there is left a piece of the artist.