A true artist is not one who is inspired, but one who inspires others.
― Salvador Dali

Jim Annis



Website; www.yourfamilyrockingchair.com
Email; yfrcllc@gmail.com
Phone: 775-848-8760

You’ve found it – the custom rocking chair you’ve been looking for!

My name is Jim Annis and I am the owner of Your Family Rocking Chair. In my corporate life as a CEO, one of my underlying goals has always been to create a legacy. Now I am building a legacy for my family and yours, based on the values of family, fine craftsmanship and heirloom quality furniture.

Our handiwork is not a mass-produced chair just sitting alone and ignored in your store, residence, or vacation home. If that is what you are looking for, we are not a good fit. These rocking chairs are made and nurtured lovingly, one at a time, much like a person.

Our Why

As a family, we have an enormous amount of respect and reverence for the past. Each room in our house has an heirloom that is cherished. My hope is that in 200 years, one of you will feel the same way I feel about our 200-year-old Family Rocking Chair, because you took the time to appreciate and leave a meaningful legacy that rocks!?We trust that this chair will become part of your ‘family.’