Peter Hazel

Peter Hazel, artist Wave Bench
I made my first piece of “art” in 2011, a simple bird bath, or bird fountain for a friend’s wedding gift. I had been a master tile worker and contractor for thirty years leading up to this moment, but never quite tried my hand at something others would consider art. From there forward I was hooked. I started dreaming of things to create in my spare time; but I wanted to work big. I wanted to work in a way that no one would mistake what they were seeing. This was just the beginning of what has become a life purpose, a calling deeper than anything I have ever known before. “I’m truly just a carpenter, an old school contractor from Half Moon Bay,” that is what I tell most people. I have never been to art school, I like to drink boxed wine and listen to old blues music. But this shines in my art. Thirty years of making muted tone bathrooms and kitchens, and the redundancy of following other people’s visions, the desire to break away from the traditional came out of me in a big wham! I wanted to go crazy with color. I wanted to make larger than life sea creatures that people could slide down, laughing the whole way. My art is naïve, yes, but it’s guaranteed to light up the hearts of the people interacting and viewing it, and that is what is most important to me. My simple attitude and lifestyle translate well into my art in that it is art for everyman. There is no pretension, there is no mistaking what my goals are. I am a straightforward man that creates art that every person can enjoy. I feel called to make art. To see the look on people’s faces, the lit up smiles, the awe when they see my pieces, especially on the larger pieces with LED lights. I never knew in my early years that this is what I would be doing in my retirement, or that this is where my life would wind up, but it all makes sense to me. This art gives me a sense of meaning in life. I feel like I am pulling all of the struggles, the heart breaks, the hard lessons learned together and transforming them into something beautiful, colorful and full of light. I am transforming the past sixty years of my life into pure light and sharing it with the world. This inspires me beyond belief. That my art, and art in general has the power to create transformation. That art has the power to evoke emotion and bring a person outside of themselves. This is why I make art, to pull me outside of myself, but also to conjure this magic that I feel in other people’s hearts. Artist Biography Over the past nine years, second generation outsider artist Peter Hazel has been creating stunning permanent mosaic sculptures in ceramic, tile and glass. Primarily depicting the natural world, Peter is a master of form and scale and imbues his pieces with energy and vibrant color palettes that reflect his love of nature. He works in both 2 and 3 dimensional sculptures, reliefs and mosaic panels. Peter prefers to work with large scales, and is currently working on a forty-five foot tall glass and steel jellyfish sculpture. However, he is happy to and has the capability to work on smaller scales for quainter spaces. He is extremely versatile as an artist and more than capable of working in any type of setting, from large commercial type developments to small private gardens. Peter is also known for his functional art, such as the “Wave Bench” currently on loan to the city of Napa, CA. Currently, he has public art (purchased and on loan) in cities throughout the West. He has exhibited his sculptures at a variety of events, festivals, and openings for the past seven years. Peter also has his art in a multitude of private residences and businesses throughout the United States. Peter’s art is highly marketable, and people tend to love the playful and colorful nature of his work. His work goes well in a variety of environments, as he has collectors all over the map. He also has a wonderful, gregarious personality that tends to win people over; thus he is excellent in engaging people in his art, and inspiring people to become involved in the creative process. Beyond his excellent skills as an artist, Peter was a contractor, and business owner for over 30 years, and has insider knowledge on installing all types of art, working as a team player on commissioned pieces, and working within the design and building industry. Peter has sound knowledge of construction practices and all the legal ramifications of public and private installations. He is skilled at estimating jobs, collaborating with contractors, architects, project managers. Budget requirements are always met while exceeding expectations.
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Peter Hazel Octavius
Peter Hazel The Hatch
The Hatch
Peter Hazel Daffodils
Peter Hazel Daffodil  2
Daffodil 2
Peter Hazel Tulip (2)
Tulip (2)
Peter Hazel Wave
Peter Hazel Dragonfly
Peter Hazel Fly By
Fly By
  • Making good imagery is about having the courage to step outside of yourself, releasing any tension and just having fun playing around.

  • As with anything I have done throughout the years, I jumped in to basketmaking with both feet and have tried most everything available. I have found you can make a basket out of almost anything.

  • Although I had always appreciated art in its various forms, I never attempted to try anything until several years ago when I took a class in glass fusing and from then on I was hooked.

  • With her unique ability of sharing her passion for art, Dee’s paintings instill the abstract realism to capture the light and shadows as well as an intriguing style that makes her paintings valued by many collectors.

  • My art consists of copper and brass media; it varies from flowers and plants to trays, plates, bowls, and wall hangings. Most of the materials have been rescued from the salvage yard.

  • I love the reflections of glass and the colors, just as water reflects and captures the intensity of a sunrise or sunset.

  • Clay can be rigid, forgiving, surprising, exciting, and frustrating. Even so, I live for the anticipation of kiln openings, when I have tried to control it all, but in the end, the clay, glaze and kiln have the final say.

  • Landscapes can reflect a wide spectrum of postures, expressions and emotions. Even though the landscape is an unmoving mass, ever-changing combinations of seasons, light quality or time of day brings constant change.

  • To me, realism is magic. Not only is the artist working with abstraction of design and color, but also with dimensionality. To create the illusion of depth and form on a flat surface is to observe, understand and recreate the physical aspects of light.

  • I enjoy designing landscapes, flora and fauna and hope to start adding structures and building in my quilts soon.

  • While continuing to paint and work in various forms of sculpture, my current focus is in papermaking and related fiber and book arts. Visitors to my Studio will have the opportunity to become personally involved in the process of making Handmade Paper from start to finish.

  • I am a 45 year resident of Nevada and have lived all over the world. My work is influenced by the sights and cultures of Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific as well as all corners of the United States.

  • My name is Jim Annis and I am the owner of Your Family Rocking Chair. I am building a legacy for my family and yours, based on the values of family, fine craftsmanship and heirloom quality furniture.

  • JoAnn Lippert travels the world combining a passion for adventure travel and photography. Her passion for mountain climbing, trekking and whitewater rafting has taken her to all corners of the earth.

  • I strive to create a wearable piece of jewelry that embodies a sense of harmony in color, style and tone and I thrive on the challenge of creating a necklace where all of the various parts compliment one another.

  • I find the process of creation with glass an endless stream of possibility. The materials, methods and techniques that can be used are varied and vast. Everyday I find a new technique to add to my list of future projects!

  • I’ve always enjoyed doing all kinds of craftwork from working with wood and needlework to beading and glass. I’ve been hooked on glass since the 1980’s when I took my first stained glass class.

  • At Meridian Press, up the big hill from the Truckee River in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Katherine Case hand-sets metal type and prints on an antique SP-15 Vandercook proof press.

  • Since my earliest airplane flights those forms and patterns have found their way into my designs. For years I focused on art glass, starting with leaded glass and then fused glass and etched glass. Recently I have been spending more time making jewelry.

  • The phrase “no job is too big or too small” certainly applies to my work as I have worked on all scales, including 1200sf of mosaic mural for the pools at the Peppermill, down to the small inspirational plaques that I make on a daily basis and take to local festivals.

  • After raising my son I became committed to re-exploring my love of painting. I began watercolor classes in February of 2008 and have been actively painting since.

  • I create ceramic wall art, as well as oil paintings. My art invites viewers into my memories so that hopefully, they, too, can appreciate the intricate connected beauty of the patterns and colors that surround them

  • I consider myself to be wildlife “portrait artist.” Whenever a photographer makes a portrait, timing is of great importance. The expression of the subject will make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful photograph.

  • Because I love color and the French Impressionists, I enjoy painting primarily using a palate knife. I love the spontaneity the palate knife gives when placing multiple colors on the canvas at one time.

  • Pam Sutton creates handmade glass jewelry, plus items for the home and garden. She believes in elegance through simplicity, combined with a focus on functional use.

  • I feel called to make art. To see the look on people’s faces, the lit up smiles, the awe when they see my pieces, especially on the larger pieces with LED lights.

  • Throughout all these years and experiences I’ve always found clay to be the most enjoyable way to express my imaginative view of life. I hand build my pieces and it’s their quirky imperfections that inspire new ideas.

  • Creating mosaics and painting on location are my passions. I have been fortunate to pursue those interests during the last several years while living in some incredible locations and raising my 3 sons. My muse is the landscape and its flora and fauna.

  • I am a graduate of UCLA with a degree in studio art. While at UCLA I studied with Richard Diebenkorn, who greatly influenced my development at an artist.

  • Most of my work is very linear and precise with close attention to detail and finishing. And of course I like to add occasional whimsical creations.

  • The big Nevada skies, the rainbow of western mountain ranges and the huge palette of summer flower are the inspirations for my silk paintings. Working with silks and dyes has given me the perfect way to illustrate the world as I see it.