Don Kennedy

Don Kennedy Rainbow Bowl
Up until my wife signed me up for Welding for Art through Truckee Meadows Community College I had no real hobbies or art interests. Through the Welding for Art program I met a fellow student who was working with copper and became very interested in this media. I found it more interesting than regular steel. That is when I began experimenting with reclaimed copper such as copper pipe that was taken out of remodels and left over copper wire. My art consists of copper and brass media; it varies from flowers and plants to trays, plates, bowls, and wall hangings. Most of the materials have been rescued from the salvage yard with other materials being picked up as scrap from local sheet metal businesses. All the bowls, vessels, plates, and trays are one piece hammered from a flat piece of material. The metal takes on a life of its own; no two pieces are the same. Each piece is a valuable learning lesson and I find it fascinating to see how you can move the metal. I am working on mastering where I move it to. I have taken 5 seminars from Greg Wilbur, an internationally known copper sculptor. I won second place in sculpture category at the Student Art Show at TMCC in 2009 and first place in sculptor in the Student Art Show at TMCC in 2011.

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Don Kennedy Big Flower
Don Kennedy c
Don Kennedy Flower Wall Hanging
Don Kennedy Hammered Bowl
Don Kennedy Mom's Favorite
Don Kennedy Rainbow Bowl
Don Kennedy Rose In Fire Nozzle
Don Kennedy Small Vessel
Don Kennedy Tall Vessel
Don Kennedy Tree
Don Kennedy Wall Hanging