Schinria Islam-Zhu

I am Schinria Islam-Zhu, an acrylic painter originally from Reno, Nevada and currently based in Mountain View, California.

I started painting after my 30th birthday, but I’ve been a music-obsessed artist since I was 5. In my paintings, you’ll find edges, blemishes, and bite. My art strives to push boundaries and make an impact.

I have synesthesia, so I readily associate sound with colors. I thought this was the case for everyone, but turns out it is for less than 4% of the population. To create my art, I deeply listen to music and depict my synesthetic experience in combination with the meaning of that music for me and others. 

I discovered the power of art first through the power of music. As a kid, music propelled me. It allowed me to dance, to sing, to celebrate, to grieve, and to be my authentic self. I believe human emotions can find great energy and release through music. That’s the experience I try to capture visually in my art.

Physical artwork and music are intertwined for me because of the vision, focus, and skill required to create them in productive and finite ways. To me, however, physical art and music, in their bones, fundamentally consist of stories, memories, and emotions which make them unique and special to us as individuals.  In my paintings, I tap into the emotion and experience of soul music.

Creating brings me a profound sense of joy because it allows me to express my ideas freely and bring joy and inspiration to others. I create because I believe society needs and is informed by art, consciously or otherwise.

In these times of immense uncertainty, I am motivated on an existential level to live up to my potential and create to my fullest capacity. I paint to capture my thoughts, reflections, and ideas as I proactively observe and embrace the evolution of mankind. In the future, I want to look back on COVID-19 and know that I offered the very best of myself to the world. So, I paint.My first art gallery, entitled “Covid: A Series of Open Questions” is publicly accessible online on Malloci:

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