Robin Felt

Long before any formal art training, I found the simple joy and satisfaction of creating with my hands. I was happy with just pencil and paper but soon learned to use a tjanting needle to draw with hot wax on fabric to make colorful batik. Then I was drawing on and cutting into linoleum blocks to print cards. I studied graphic arts, illustration and calligraphy at California College of Arts and Crafts. I took a few pottery classes as well. I found a relaxing freedom in working with clay, it felt good in my hands. My professional career includes thirty years of newspaper production and ad design, and freelance work that includes brochures, logos, greeting cards and wedding invitations, t-shirt and mug design, sign painting and mix media paintings. Throughout all these years and experiences I’ve always found clay to be the most enjoyable way to express my imaginative view of life. I hand build my pieces and it’s their quirky imperfections that inspire new ideas. I love molding the clay into faces and animals but I want them to serve a purpose. So, the rabbits you see in our Reno Open Studios Brochure are actually a vessel or secret hiding place and one is a bank. You’ll find suns that hang in the garden, bells, wind chimes, whimsical wall pockets that could be used as a small planter, vases and boxes with pools for melted glass, carved yarn bowls and decorated butter dishes. This is my 7th year with Reno Open Studios. Come stroll through my gardens and visit my little studio. Let me share my fun and unique creations of clay. I look forward to meeting you.

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Robin Felt Working
Robin Felt Working
Robin Felt's Studio
Robin Felt Sun
Robin Felt Pig Vessel (Havelina)
Robin Felt Peacock
Robin Felt Luminary
Robin Felt Fish Vase
Robin Felt Doggy Cookie Jar
Robin Felt Dancer Does The Splits
Robin Felt Catfish
Robin Felt Carved Yarn Bowls
Robin Felt Carved Yarn Bowl
Robin Felt Candy Dish