Linda Rosenblum

Linda Rosenbaum Venice at High Noon
Through my artwork, I can revisit inspirational places that have stirred me: In Venice, Italy was moved by the architecture and the water…colors, shapes, movement. I was awestruck by the magnificence, and yet the daily function, of its many pedestrian bridges…harmoniously connecting the city…strong, curved, elegant. They stand juxtaposed against the bustle of Venetian life…people moving from square to square…symbolizing a connection from the past to the present. In California, I began Plein air painting. After moving to Nevada, I continued my Plein air painting. Being outdoors in various environments, encourages me to critically observe the mass, negative space, values and color of my chosen scene. Finding beauty in the ordinary, commonplace objects is what can transform art into magic. I create ceramic wall art, as well as oil paintings. My art invites viewers into my memories so that hopefully, they, too, can appreciate the intricate connected beauty of the patterns and colors that surround them.
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Linda Rosenblum Venice At High Noon
Venice At High Noon
Linda Rosenblum Desert Entry
Desert Entry