Susan Christopher

Susan Christopher – Artist Statement I come from a long line of innovators, so it is not surprising to find me as a non- traditionalist painter. My work ranges from impressionism to abstraction to even surrealism depending on what mysteries happen in my studio. Sometimes I feel as if a metaphysical force is guiding me as I don’t think about my work but work before I think. Images evolve and a story forms that are then developed through materials and techniques which are redefined with composition, bold color, texture, line and shape. The excitement of the unknown is stimulating and makes me wonder, who is really painting? My last series of work speaks to our transcendental journey to reach a better place or to at least acknowledge that there is more to us than we recognize. Because of my experiences, I believe each of us has spirit guides that if we listen, would lead us to an abundance of insight. By listening, I produced a series of work using acrylic paint being treated with an acid wash and heat resulting in beautiful layers of colors, many in organic shapes. These were painted in my outdoor studio and on square canvas representing stability, familiarity, and peacefulness. What has emerged are the portraits of our spiritual guides. And I do much more! Completed work includes portraits, animals, and landscapes. That old slogan, variety is the spice of life, would certainly apply. There are times when I want to shake it up, break free and just put paint down on a canvas and see where my subconscious takes me. This is more fun than any adult should be allowed, just let it go, it is only paint!! Always a story is born, characters explode onto the canvas, animals march forward, meadows turn green, clouds float and the work becomes a personal journey. Currently, I am returning to an exploration of an idea I had years ago while working on a Master in Photography. The combination of black and white photographs on canvas accented by color blocking with paint. The results can range wildly! Do come and see how these have turned out!   My work hangs in homes from Maryland to California. I do consider commission opportunities and If you have an idea that you would like to have painted in an interesting way, come see my work and bring your image September 6,7, or 8th. Who am I? Born and raised in the western suburbs of Chicago, I met my husband through my brother on a blind date but it was another 10 years before we married. He says I was too young at the time! But, those years gave me time to finish a BFA and be “free” while he developed the family business. We saw each other often enough even on double dates! Once married we had two children, a dog, and horses. In 2008 having sold the business, we left Illinois for Nevada where we have been very happy. Sunshine and a milder climate than Illinois, the mountains and the peacefulness of wide open skies are things that we love about living here.