Michele DiFonzo-Smith

Michele DiFonzo-Smith Renocats
Because I love color and the French Impressionists, I enjoy painting primarily using a palate knife. I love the spontaneity the palate knife gives when placing multiple colors on the canvas at one time.  I always want my paintings to look spontaneous, not planned. I love the struggle with underlying colors that give me the richness and passion I want the viewer to feel when they look at my paintings. Although I usually work with oils, I have also painted several subjects in acrylic, including a commissioned portrait of Gino Martini, the Mayor of Sparks.   I am probably best known for my “Wineing Cats” series. These whimsical paintings depict cats drinking wine in various locations and situations. They are colorful and humorous. These paintings allow me the freedom to create and be totally spontaneous. It is so much fun! I have done a “Wineing Cats” calendar the last two years and will continue to do so in the future. Contact
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Michele DiFonzo Smith Renocats
Michele DiFonzo Smith Christmas Cats
Michele DiFonzo Smith New York
Michele Difonzo Smith Wine Country