Louise Noel

Louise Noel Bucky Painting
The big Nevada skies, the rainbow of western mountain ranges and the huge palette of summer flower are the inspirations for my silk paintings. I paint on Hobotai Silk using French steamset dyes and resists. Working with silks and dyes has given me the perfect way to illustrate the world as I see it. Serendipity is a huge force…absolute control is abandoned and desires are negotiated with resists and surface treatments. The end painting is forever unpredictable…often better than planned…and the process is an exciting, exasperating, joyous journey.


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Louise Noel Big Poppies
Big Poppies
Louise Noel Newtie & Zoe
Newtie & Zoe
Louise Noel Remnants Of The Day
Remnants Of The Day
Louise Noel Tulips