William Hutchison

William Hutchison At the Lap
  I became involved in glass about 25 years ago when I moved to Genoa, NV. I had a background in fine woodworking and found that those skills transferred to working in glass. Most of my work is very linear and precise with close attention to detail and finishing. That said, I like to add occasional whimsical creations.   In the winter months, I blow glass for 4 to 8 weeks. During the rest of the year, I use the hot shop to manipulate the kiln formed glass, and push the limits as needed. I like collaborating with other artists on public art projects. I’ve primarily been collaborating with Debbie Howell since 2015 on both glass works and co-teaching. In early 2017, we formed a partnership called H&H Glass Studio at her Sparks, NV location.
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William Hutchison Beau Ideal
Beau Ideal
 William Hutchison The City
The City
William Hutchison Blue Arch
Blue Arch
William Hutchison City Detail 2
City Detail 2
William Hutchison Kates Sig  Platter
Kates Sig Platter
William Hutchison Dog
William Hutchison Red Harringbone
Red Harringbone
William Hutchison Vessel With Steel Base
Vessel With Steel Base
William Hutchison White HB
White HB
Hutchison Wm Artglass1 Rgb