Pam Sutton

Pam Sutton
Pam Sutton creates handmade glass jewelry, plus items for the home and garden. She believes in elegance through simplicity, combined with a focus on functional use. Her designs reflect harmony with nature and the occasional sly sense of humor. Each piece is handmade in Pam’s studio. She uses several glassmaking techniques including lampworking, which involves melting and shaping glass using a torch, kiln fusing and slumping, which is used to create plates, bowls, vases and jewelry, and coldworking for shaping and polishing a piece. Several of these techniques are often combined to form each object. Glassmaking was initially a means for Pam to attain balance in her life during a demanding career in high tech. Pam’s father and grandfather were woodworkers and she always thought she would pick up that skill. But she saw some beautiful glass in a San Francisco gallery and became aware of the emerging art glass movement in the United States. Glass captured her spirit instantly and, after taking a couple classes, she set up a small work area in her mother-in-law’s garage. As her skill level expanded and she needed more equipment to support the new techniques she was learning, Pam established a studio at home. After pursuing glassmaking on a part-time basis for several years, it has now become her second career. She has studied with some of today’s most experienced glassmakers and is constantly learning, experimenting, refining her skills and expanding her techniques.
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Pam Sutton Ocean Currents 4
Ocean Currents 4
Pam Sutton Sterling Pendant 1
Sterling Pendant 1
Pam Sutton Sterling Ring
Sterling Ring
Pam Sutton Pendant
Pam Sutton Silver Nugget
Silver Nugget
Pam Sutton Springtime
Pam Sutton Frolicking Jellyfish
Frolicking Jellyfish
Pam Sutton Verdegris Bowl
Verdegris Bowl
Pam Sutton Sutton 1
Sutton 1
Pam Sutton Sutton 4
Sutton 4
Pam Sutton Stripe 1
Stripe 1
Pam Sutton Orange Vase
Orange Vase