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Featured Artists

  • I recently got my bachelors in painting at the University of Nevada Reno. While there I began having a real interest in printmaking, which lead to my interning at the Meridian Press.

  • For me, all of life is about the journey, not the destination. In our every action, there follows a re-action, a “karma” if you will, also known as cause and effect.

  • Chris developed a love for the outdoors in Northern Nevada and has shifted his lens to recording wildlife in the mountains and desert surrounding Reno.

  • Although I had always appreciated art in its various forms, I never attempted to try anything until several years ago when I took a class in glass fusing and from then on I was hooked.

  • Dennis Cochran

    For the previous 35 years Dennis Cochran has been a jeweler in Downtown Reno specializing in -fabrication of silver, gold, and platinum jewelry.
  • Clay can be rigid, forgiving, surprising, exciting, and frustrating. Even so, I live for the anticipation of kiln openings, when I have tried to control it all, but in the end, the clay, glaze and kiln have the final say.

  • Landscapes can reflect a wide spectrum of postures, expressions and emotions. Even though the landscape is an unmoving mass, ever-changing combinations of seasons, light quality or time of day brings constant change.

  • I do paintings of landscapes and buildings. I teach (maybe expose to) young people art at Rainshadow Charter High School, and teach adult classes through TMCC and Very Special Arts at the Lake Mansion.

  • Eva Stramer Nichols

    My paintings are meant to be a joyful place for your eyes to linger. Watercolors are a fluid and expressive medium and I love to let the colors flow and mix on the paper.
  • Frances Melhop

    In 2011 she moved to Nevada to be with her husband and family, where she continues working with her overseas and New York clients and is intently pursuing a new love, oil painting.
  • To me, realism is magic. Not only is the artist working with abstraction of design and color, but also with dimensionality. To create the illusion of depth and form on a flat surface is to observe, understand and recreate the physical aspects of light.

  • I soak in the sights, sounds and people around me. Conversations coalesce into stories with myself as witness, historian, Greek chorus. Where am I? Who are you? What path are we on, today?

  • I enjoy designing landscapes, flora and fauna and hope to start adding structures and building in my quilts soon.

  • While continuing to paint and work in various forms of sculpture, my current focus is in papermaking and related fiber and book arts. Visitors to my Studio will have the opportunity to become personally involved in the process of making Handmade Paper from start to finish.

  • I am a 45 year resident of Nevada and have lived all over the world. My work is influenced by the sights and cultures of Europe, Asia, and the South Pacific as well as all corners of the United States.

  • My name is Jim Annis and I am the owner of Your Family Rocking Chair. I am building a legacy for my family and yours, based on the values of family, fine craftsmanship and heirloom quality furniture.

  • I’ve always enjoyed doing all kinds of craftwork from working with wood and needlework to beading and glass. I’ve been hooked on glass since the 1980’s when I took my first stained glass class.

  • JoAnn Lippert

    JoAnn Lippert travels the world combining a passion for adventure travel and photography. Her passion for mountain climbing, trekking and whitewater rafting has taken her to all corners of the earth.
  • I am a high desert textile artist. I dye silk fabrics in my Reno studio. The beautiful colors of Northern Nevada inspire me.

  • At Meridian Press, up the big hill from the Truckee River in the shadow of the Sierra Nevada mountains, Katherine Case hand-sets metal type and prints on an antique SP-15 Vandercook proof press.

  • Since my earliest airplane flights those forms and patterns have found their way into my designs. For years I focused on art glass, starting with leaded glass and then fused glass and etched glass. Recently I have been spending more time making jewelry.

  • The phrase “no job is too big or too small” certainly applies to my work as I have worked on all scales, including 1200sf of mosaic mural for the pools at the Peppermill, down to the small inspirational plaques that I make on a daily basis and take to local festivals.

  • After raising my son I became committed to re-exploring my love of painting. I began watercolor classes in February of 2008 and have been actively painting since.

  • I consider myself to be wildlife “portrait artist.” Whenever a photographer makes a portrait, timing is of great importance. The expression of the subject will make the difference between a successful and unsuccessful photograph.

  • How dull might the world be without clouds and mountains and trees? And how lifeless the walls that surround us without paintings of such things to take their places when we can’t immediately go and see them?

  • Pam Sutton creates handmade glass jewelry, plus items for the home and garden. She believes in elegance through simplicity, combined with a focus on functional use.

  • Sandi discovered her desire to express her creativity through watercolor, a medium which allows her to capture the subject with freshness and simplicity through its fluidity and transparency.

  • Sarah Wharton Riggle

    Creating mosaics and painting on location are my passions. I have been fortunate to pursue those interests during the last several years while living in some incredible locations and raising my 3 sons. My muse is the landscape and its flora and fauna.
  • I have a passion for color and know most viewers of Art are drawn to images with good color arrangements. To entertain and fascinate both myself and my viewers is my ultimate goal.

  • I have been drawing and painting throughout my life. I am interested in abstracting the figure and capturing it in motion. Some of my work has an aboriginal flavor, inspired by a trip to Australia.

  • My first love is watercolor painting, and it has been a joy to have participated in many exhibits, received awards, show in a gallery, have my work hanging in homes across the country and in Renown Regional Medical Center.

  • Teri Lark has been an artist her entire life. She earned her BFA in Fine Arts from theUniversity of Reno, with emphasis in both printmaking and photography. This led to a career as a graphic designer at International Game Technology.

  • Working with clay is a truly gratifying tactile experience. The Wedge Ceramics Studio is a membership based studio seeking to provide a space where independent ceramic artists can work together, sharing knowledge and ideas.

  • My designs are a reflection of my two families; from my mother’s mother, I am greatly influenced by the harsh beauty of the Nevada desert. And from my father’s mother, I am drawn to the rich cultures of the Aztec and Navajo people and their love of nature.

  • I am a graduate of UCLA with a degree in studio art. While at UCLA I studied with Richard Diebenkorn, who greatly influenced my development at an artist.

  • I’ve been making photographs most of my life. I was my Mother’s shadow in the garden and on the trail learning about plants and flowers as we hiked and gardened together.

  • I am inspired by the beauty of form and the exploration of ideas through symbolism. My influences include classical realism, art nouveau and contemporary cartoon-realism. I am presently working on two different series.

  • Starting at a young age, I drew and painted with watercolors and kept going throughout college. Shortly after attaining my Masters degree in architecture, I immigrated to America.

  • Reno Art Works

    Reno Art Works is a cooperative group of artists working in many media.
  • William Hutchison

    Most of my work is very linear and precise with close attention to detail and finishing. And of course I like to add occasional whimsical creations.

Our Mission

“Vision is the art of seeing what is invisible to others.”
Jonathan Swift

Reno Open Studios is an opportunity to visit the artist’ studios and see them at work. You will learn what inspires them, witness their techniques and be stimulated by their passion for the creative process.

The first annual Reno Open Studios tour kicked off in 2009 with 21 artists and has grown every year since. We are committed to arts education and have awarded scholarships to young aspiring artists every year. This year we will award a scholarship for continuing studies to a student in the UNR Art Department and also one through Coral Academy High School for a graduating senior to begin their art education.

To support these scholarships each artist donates a piece to a raffle during our main event. The raffles are held in their studios and all proceeds go to the scholarship fund.

Upcoming Events

Please mark your calendar for our upcoming events.

  • Spring Arts Festival
    Saturday, May 7th
  • Pop-up Gallery at Nevada Fine Arts
    July 22nd - 25th
  • Exhibition at Arts for All Nevada
    September 1st - 27th
  • Open Studios Tour
    September 30th, October 1st & 2nd

Our Studios

The first annual Reno Open Studios tour kicked off in 2009 with 21 local artists. This year’s tour features over 30 talented artists in locations all over the Reno/Sparks area. The tour includes a myriad of art including oils, acrylics, watercolor, decorative gourds, jewelry, textiles, bronze, photography, woodturning, metal sculpture, glass and glass blowing, clay, printmaking and ceramics.